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Oncology Radiotherapy Unit

IMED Elche offers a multidisciplinary approach for the treatment of cancer, always providing a patient based therapy. The Hospital is equipped with the most cutting-edge and advanced technology for the diagnosis and treatment of oncological illnesses.

Unidad de oncología radioterápica

Test and Treatments

For radiotherapy treatments, IMED Elche has a Lineal Accelerator and high rate Brachiteraphy.


RapidArc is a new type of technology, only available in our hospital in the Alicante province. It makes radiotherapic treatments more simple an rapid in contrast with the traditional IMRT technique. It boasts of the following advantages:

Reduces treatment time. The organ movement factor diminishes, therefore, increasing patient comfort and treatment efficiency.

The treatment can be taylored to the individual needs and specification of each case, resulting in reduced side effects and enabling to direct a higher dose of radiation to the tumour. To repeat the exact position of the patient in each radiotherapy session is vital in order to ensure the efficiency of the treatment. IMED Elche lineal accelerator has IGRT (image guide system) to adjust the kilovoltage, therefore verifying the position of the area that is going to be radiated. Images can be obtained by 2D x rays, fluoroscopy or 3D cone Beam CT.

acelerador rapidarcBracthearpy allows for the administration of a high dosage of radiation to a small volumes of tissue, reducing radiation exposure to nearby organs. It can be use as a sole treatment or in conjunction with conventional radiotherapy. Advantages are:

  • Minimizing radiation exposure to hospital staff.
  • Reduces the time the patient has to remain static during the treatment session and therefore reducing complications such as pulmonary embolisms, decubitus ulcers, etc.
  • Different external molds can be obtained to ensure the geometric accuracy of the patient position and the radiation source.
  • The treatment planning and dosimetry are more accurate thanks to the BrachyVision System, which is a component of the group ARIA oncology information systems and it is integrated with ECLIPSE.
  • Reduces the length of the patients’ admittance.

Linear Accelerator 360º


Oncology Radiotherapy

Meritxell Vila Via

Dr. Meritxell Vila Viña

Head of Service

IMED Elche

Radiation oncology

Arantzazu Dav Rocamora

Dr. Arantzazu Davó Rocamora

IMED Elche

Radiation oncology

Rosalyn Snchez Paz

Dr. Rosalyn Sánchez Paz

IMED Elche

Radiation oncology


Ricardo Tortosa

Dr. Ricardo Tortosa

Head of Service

IMED Elche


Miguel Giner Sala

Dr. Miguel Giner Sala

IMED Elche


Radiotherapy Technicians