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Dr. Mª Dolores Masiá speaker in the major cardiology Conferences

Press Releases | 20 de Marzo de 2019

Dr. Masiá, cardiologist of IMED hospitals, was present during last months in great relevance Conferences of the national and international cardiology area.

In January she took part on the V International Conference of Injuries Retraining and Prevention that took place in Valencia and its objective is, among others, “to create a meeting framework for professionals related to the sports area, that allow to interact and exchange strategies that insist in possible lesions dicrease”, as it is explained from the organization. The congress assemebled international renowned specialists.

Dr. Masiá performed a presentation titled When do I have to worry?, in which she tries to define when  the coach have to consider if an athlete has a heart disease.

In the second month of the year the doctor took part of the 3rd Virtual Conference Spanish Cardiology Society eCardio and doctor Maria Dolores Masiá took part in it with The art of  prescribing physical exercise in heart diseases. eCardio is a congress that  is directed to all health professionals interested in cardiology and cardiovascular prevention.

During the month of March XV Medicine and High level Sport Conference, organised by the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE). Dr. Masiá exposed about  cardiovascular impact of extreme exercise.

Specialised doctor in sports cardiology

Dr. Maria Dolores Masiá worked in the Sports Superior Council on the last years, where she specialised in performing stress tests to elite athletes of our country.

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