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Dr. Eric Freire, neurologist from IMED Elche, takes part of a drug study for patients with Parkinson and dementia

Press Releases | 28 de Febrero de 2019

First stage of the trials of this drug for Parkinson’s disease with associated dementia where done thanks to a research grant conferred by the Michael J. Fox Foundation for  Parkinson’s disease research, foundation created by the famous US actor of the same name and that suffers this disease.

The second stage of the study it’s been developed entirely in Spain and Doctor Eric Freire take part on it, neurologist of IMED Elche hospital.

 “Despite the usual relation between Parkinson and cognitive impairment or dementia, treatment options are limited and in the past 15 years there are no drugs news in this field”, says Dr. Eric Freire Álvarez.

 “ Parkinson’s disease is the second most frequent neurodegenerative disease, after Alzheimer’s disease, having a high prevalence in elderly people, but also present in younger people. Moreover, it is expected that it will turn into a public health problem all over the world in upcoming decades. It is important to consider that is not an exclusively motor disease, because it is related also to different non-motor symptoms, among them we find behaviour changes and cognitive impairment or dementia”, remarks the doctor.

  • Dr Enric Freire