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Kinetic Track, Biomechanical Studies of the Foot

Kinetic Track

Service of Podology and Biomechanical Studies of the Foot

IMED Elche Hospital as a new unit with latest technology for personalized studies on feet, biomechanical, walk and sport movements with the finality of increasing sport performance and preventing injuries.

Kinetic Track is a 20 m track were we can analyze racing symmetry, gravity center, contact and air timing, heal contact and rise, angle measuring, and precision. It is an advanced grade technology, unique in Alicante, which values your feet while running.


Biomechanical Study

With it we analyze feet behavior, static, bipedestrian and during walking and running. Resting badly can derivate into pathologies, not only foot, also the whole of the member ( knee cap, knees, hip and even spine).

Knowing foot biomechanics and correcting it, we can treat and prevent injuries.

  • Static tests: with lobbying platform , baropodometry, 3-D images.
  • Dynamic tests: with lobbying  plataforms, high speed cameras and video filming.
  • Podiatric diagnose and reports.
  • Ostearticular exploration.
  • Posturology test.
  • Advise over suitable footwear for sports practice or day life.
  • Personalized treatment with thermoforming insoles, specifically designed and adapted to our sport or ordinary shoe.
  • Comparative test  with bare foot and designed insoles.
  • Programmed inspections subsequent to evaluate treatment.
  • Biomechanic test for children. Child podiatry.

Complementary Services

Quiropodology: hellomas and hyperkeratosis , nail treatment uñas, Thikening, ingrown nails, onicomicosis. Plantar warts or papilomas. Sweating problems (hiperhidrosis, bromohidrosis). Mycosis, dermatitis, athletes foot.

New: laser micosis and wart treatment.

Tratment for podiatric injuries with infiltrations: tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, talalgias, metatarsalgias, Morton`s neuroma, etc.

Foot surgery: Hallux valgus. Digital Patology. Claw toe. Nail surgery. Ingrown nails. Metatarsalgias. Heal spurs. Morton´s neuroma. Exostoses. Papillomas. Heloma.